Using antibiotics incorrectly stops them from working when you really need them.


Be smart about using antibiotics! Learn more about taking antibiotics the right way, how to stop Antibiotic Resistance, and Superbugs:

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Check out these videos about the proper use of antibiotics:

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Antibiotics are the weapons that we use to fight bacterial infections. But if we take them when they’re not necessary, our next infection may be resistant. Talk with your doctor the next time you’re prescribed antibiotics.

Public Service Announcement #6 Minefield

Antibiotics don’t work against cold and flu viruses or viral bronchitis. Instead, get rest, take fluids, and learn more at

Public Service Announcment #7 Super Bug

Needless use of antibiotics causes bacteria to become resistant and resistant bacteria are difficult to treat. Learn more at

A World Without Antibiotics

A 30 second video about the benefits of antibiotics and the problem of antibiotic resistance if we use them incorrectly was created by Vancouver Film School students.’Can you imagine a world without antibiotics?’ Learn more at

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What can be done to prevent antibiotic resistance?


Why be concerned about antibiotic resistance?


What are antibiotics used for?


What is antibiotic resistance?


What are antibiotics?


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